Apartments For International Students in State College, PA


Welcome to Penn State

Ever wonder why we’re called the Happy Valley? You’ll see when you arrive that it’s just about the happiest place a college student can be. Before you get HERE, we have a few things to let you know. Find out answers to all of the frequently asked questions we get from international students below:

How do I get HERE from the airport?

Our team recommends you take either a cab or a ride-share service like Uber or Lyft to our State College apartments from the airport. To catch a cab, you can call the following phone numbers:
  • AA Taxi, Inc. (814) 231-8294
  • Golden Taxi (814) 867-2644
  • Handy Delivery Taxi (814) 355-5555
  • Nittany Express (814) 867-4647

How do I get around State College once I’m HERE?

Fortunately, getting around State College is incredibly easy. With options to travel by bus, taxi, bike, or foot, you can get where you need to go quickly. Planning on having a car during your stay HERE? We’ve got parking options for you. Just see our leasing office for details. To learn more about getting around Penn State University & State College, Pennsylvania, visit the university’s transportation page.

Where do you go to get US currency?

You can generally exchange currency at the international airport where you land first in the US. Unfortunately, the University Park Airport does not have currency exchange services at this time. Instead, we recommend going to the Citizens Bank in downtown State College.

Where can you open a US bank account?

Living in America, you’ll likely want a US bank account to avoid any potential problems with international bank account access. US bank accounts are generally simple to set up and easy to manage. The following are some options near our State College apartments where you can set up an account:

Where do you go to get a US Phone?

Most international students get a US cell phone plan so save on the cost of an international plan while they are HERE. Find some great options for domestic cell phone companies in State College below:

Where do you go to shop for household items?

When you get HERE, your State College apartment will be furnished with all the essentials – large furniture like beds, couches, and bar stools; appliances like a fridge, stove, dishwasher, and microwave; and electronics like a 50” LED Smart TV in the living room. But to make your apartment your own, you’ll want to do some additional shopping for home goods. The fastest and easiest way to get all the décor, supplies, and linens you’ll need is to head to Target in State College.

Where do you go to shop for groceries?

Wondering where to buy your groceries? State College has plenty of options close to HERE. Check out some of our favorites below:

Where do you go/what do you do for fun?

You won’t have to leave HERE to have a great time. But we understand if you need to spread your wings a little. Find out some great Penn State activities you can find outside right outside your door below!

Where do you go for health care?

There are a few options for health care in the area. As a student of Penn State, you’ll be able to access University Health Services. For emergencies, in the United States you can dial 911. Otherwise, you may visit the urgent care facilities below:

How do you qualify for an apartment?

To qualify for an apartment HERE, we’ll just need a few items to process your application. Please be prepared to provide the following to our leasing team:
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of I-20
  • Last Month’s Rent
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